CM participated in the Green Game Jam

August 24, 2020

“This spring, CM participated in the Green Game Jam and got recognized with the “First to Market” award for our planet-friendly live events in ZooCraft: Animal Family. We got some pretty cool press coverage too. There’s an interesting backstory here. ZooCraft was conceived in 2014 when we didn’t think much of the social impact of mobile games. To be fair, hardly anyone does even today, which is why we felt that joining P4P was so important. Over time, we realized how powerful the medium can be, and re-designed the game to focus our messaging on nature conservation and restoration. Altering the theme of a mature game is very hard, more so for a studio focused on new titles and aggressive growth in the coming years. I’m really proud we could play our small part in the larger movement, and there will be more to come.”

— Vladimir Funtikov, CEO

Creative Mobile decided to join the Play for the Planet alliance because while the problem is global it’s everyone’s job to get things done. That means it’s our problem too, so we own the outcome and we need to act. The response to our communication efforts in Zoocraft: Animal Family and in particular the Wolf Conservation Trust event showed us that our player base is with us and we intend to do more to help enable them to address the problems we all face.