Dream Cats

Dream Cats invites you to a fairy tale world where cats rule! Collect cute kitties, help them rebuild their kingdom, and send your new cat friends on adventures to find treasure and save all of Catland!

Stay Tuned

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Become A Cat Collector

  • Your cat heroes need a place to call home. Set up cat cafes, factories and spas to keep your kitties healthy and happy!
  • Place buildings wherever you want and move them if you change your mind later!
  • Decorate your city and make it an island paradise for your cats!
  • Your kitties get lonely without you. Feed, brush, and play with your cats daily and earn rewards!

Send Your Cats On Fun Quests

  • Ever wonder what Snow White, Rapunzel or Robin Hood would look like as cats? Dozens of cuddly kitty cats with unique personalities are waiting to meet you!
  • Meowza! Collect themed sets of cats and get special bonuses that will help your cats complete quests!
  • Every cat has her own skills, habits, and favorite kitty games she likes to play! Get to know your cats and they’ll purr with gratitude!

Play Anywhere, Anytime

  • Your cats love adventures! Journey to other worlds to collect resources, special items – and more cats!
  • Overcome obstacles using your cats’ pawsome skills!
  • Level up your cats and take on new challenges!
  • With offline mode, you can take your ameowzing cat kingdom with you wherever you go!