Welcome to our all-new HQ!

Our new home is here!

Some images of new work-in-progress CM HQ in Tallinn. The pandemic caught us in the middle of the move, so we adjusted our design, aiming to build a versatile space that can be modified and upgraded for any model of work. Some principles that we design by:

  • open office + LOTS of secluded meeting/call/relaxation rooms of all sizes
  • conservative design broken by colorful accents
  • all areas converging towards an event space with configurable capacity
  • transparent materials where feasible
  • plenty of natural light in work areas, more intimate call/event rooms
  • basic, practical materials, no unnecessary expenses — we always prioritize talent and customer acquisition over our ego/image
  • lots of space for work, play, rest, hide & seek, …
  • large kitchen, lots of bathrooms (this matters!)
  • great coffee, within reach

We are yet to finish the work and, most importantly, welcome everyone back, populating the HQ with various artifacts, posters, toys, and breathing life into these walls. Kudos to the admin & HR teams doing all the heavy lifting for us to enjoy and brag about later ??