Into The Radius just reached $1,000,000 revenue


Our Into The Radius just reached $1,000,000 revenue. Hopefully (and likely) the first of the many. Here is a recap of how we got this far (and why this is important to me).

🧾 It all began with Aleksei Shulga (then a 3D artist with Nitro Nation) and his private projects. Around 2015, he co-authored a very cool sci-fi short The Autonomous (check it out on YouTube!). Later, his attention shifted to Unreal Engine and VR, and Radius was born as a learning/testbed project.

By early 2018, it had grown into a game prototype with distinct gameplay and aesthetic, and Aleksey pitched it within CM. I wish I could say I immediately saw the potential, but in truth, I hated the choice.

We were doubling down on casual mobile games and adopting Unity as our primary engine. Radius was hardcore PC VR built with UE. Niche game for a tiny market built with tech we didn’t need. A “yes” would signal that our “product strategy” was just a powerpoint thing.

At the same time, it was a blueprint for HOW I wanted us to build stuff going forward. We were reshaping our culture after a crisis that cost us nearly all the momentum we had gained in the early 2010s. We wanted a new company where teams champion their ideas. In a way, a guy with a “fuck off, we need to do this” attitude exemplified my dream.

So it became an unpleasant dilemma where any decision was going to look bad. Ultimately I thought that culture was more valuable, the cost was relatively small, and there was something beautiful about going completely against the flow. And so ITR became a CM game with a small team and a loosely defined Early Access date.

What followed was development hell, a change of climate in the market, dismal EA release, mixed reviews, poor sales, lots of learning and integrating. Then a change of trend in late 2020, sustainable profitability, “overwhelmingly positive” recent reviews as of today (😳), ITR 2.0 coming later this summer. Big plans for 2022 and beyond.

Super happy for the team and the awesome community 🤜🤛

— Vladimir Funtikov, CEO

Read more about Into The Radius here.

Congratulations to the team! 💪🏼